Satia’s Residence Sec 8, Chandigarh

A 10,000 sq.ft duplex with 5 bedrooms, and a front and a backyard— the makings of a grand, luxe home. The homeowners as well as us, the architects, wanted to give our long-time clients - a sense of inherent calmness and timeless style infused with joy. We’re constantly inspired by modern, luxe interiors with glossy surfaces and metallic finishes, especially gold accents, rich materials, unusual contours and textural play." And so, the material palette is a rich compilation of Italian marble and Vietnamese white marble inlays, teak wood for the furniture and richly-textured upholstery and wallpapers—all further elevated with custom curated artworks and accessories. But perhaps, the most striking feature is how the rich interiors organically extend into the lush, green exteriors beyond, truly creating a haven of peace and calm.